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How to Find Piura Church DocumentsChurch

We have prepared three guides to assist members of the Seminario and related families in finding birth, marriage and death records for their ancestors who lived in Piura, Perú.  Many of us have been frustrated at not being able to find these records before 1900 because the church records have not been digitized.  We recently discovered that quite a few of the records, especially for the Cathedral of San Miguel Arcángel, are available on microfilms that can be viewed online via

The first guide covers what documents are available and how to find them.  While it is oriented toward Piura documents, the same procedures can be used to find records for other locations that have been microfilmed but not yet digitized.

The second document is a step-by-step guide to finding baptismal records quickly.  If you know the exact date of the baptism, you can generally find the record quickly without using our guide.  But if you know only an approximate date, or just the year, or even a range of years, our guide will enable you to find the document much more quickly and easily than going page by page through the old books.  The guide looks a little complicated at first, but we encourage you to try it with two or three documents and you'll see how well it works.

The third is a guide to finding marriage records quickly.  It works the same way as our guide to baptismal records.

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Written:  May 7, 2018      Updated:   June 25, 2018