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Status of the researchCat: Calderón

The Calderons are a large family of Spanish hidalgos.  The most prominent member was a dramatist, Pedro Calderón de la Barca, author of the magnificent La vida es sueño, and considered together with Lope de Vega as the best playwrights of Spain's Golden Age.

Our family tree for the Calderons documents the ancestry of the Seminarios of Perú back to Juan Bautista Calderón de Tobar.  Both he and his son, Gaspar Calderón Salero, are recognized as hidalgos by the Enciclopedia Heráldica y Genealógica Hispanoamericana.   The encyclopedia says that Juan Bautista was from the Guadalajara, Castilla branch of the family, while Pedro was from the Sotillo branch.  So Pedro and Juan Bautista were distant cousins as well as contemporaries.

Since the line runs through Ygnacia Calderón Dávila, wife of the first Seminario in Perú, all the Peruvian Seminarios and their descendants share in this connection to nobility.  The documentation is strong, and can be viewed by clicking on the links for Juan Bautista, his wife Jerónima Salero, Gaspar, and his wife Cathalina Benitez de Tena y Dávila

If we had baptismal certificates for the last three people on the tree, who were born in Piura, this connection would qualify as established with conclusive proof.  But until the diocese of Piura digitizes their sacramental records or cooperates in doing a search, our status will remain as "established with reasonable certainty."

Important update - March 23, 2018

We have found baptismal, marriage and/or death certificates for each person on the tree, as a result of finding microfilms of the Piura church records.  Therefore, this research study is complete, and the status changes to "Relationship with a noble family has been established by conclusive evidence".

Bob Bordier,
Written:  December 29, 2016            Updated:  March 23, 2018