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Trees can be viewed by clicking on the links below.  Some space has been left at the top of each tree so that new generations can be added easily when found.  Each ancestor's name may be clicked to see biographical information and research notes, and documents and images if they are available.

The records in each tree are color coded:
          r  Evidence is insufficient - no consensus among the online trees
          y  Identity and relationships are established by consensus of online trees or similar evidence
          g  Identity and relationships are proven by contemporaneous records (e.g. baptismal or marriage records)

In other words, the colors show how sure we are that a person existed and had the spouses, parents and children listed in our trees.  The colors also show the work that remains to be done.  Our hope is that by working together, we can turn the yellows into greens and the reds into yellows or greens.  If we can turn an entire tree green, and connect it to a recognized member of the nobility, then we have proof that is nearly absolute.  That may not be possible in every instance, but the effort to achieve the highest level of certainty is worthwhile.
Any documents or other information submitted on our blog will be used to update the color coding and the information shown on each ancestor's record.  Submitters will be credited by name unless anonymity is requested.  If you have done a search for a needed document and find that it does not exist, please email us at and we will place your information in the research notes to save others from duplicating your efforts.
Trees showing links to families that may possibly be noble:

Colonna, Gonzaga, Lecca and Medici families: 
From Manuel Joseph Seminario Saldivar to Julio Cesáreo Seminario Gonzaga

Calderón family:   From Manuel Joseph Seminario Saldivar to Juan Bautista Calderón de Tobar

Manrique de Lara family 1:  From Manuel Joseph Seminario Saldivar to Catalina Manrique de Lara
Manrique de Lara family 2:  From Catalina Manrique de Lara to Ramiro I, King of Asturias, León and Galicia

Pizarro family: 
From Manuel Joseph Seminario Saldivar to Teresa Martinez Pizarro de Carbajal
Pizarro extension 1:  From Teresa Martinez Pizarro de Carbajal to Alfonso V, King of León
Pizarro extension 2:  From Alfonso V, King of León to Theodemir, King of the Ostrogoths of Pannonia

Yupanqui family
From Manuel Joseph Seminario Saldivar to Pachacutec Yupanqui