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Manrique de Lara


The Manrique de Lara family is an ancient and prominent noble family of Spain.  It is a branch of a larger family, the Laras, who trace their ancestry back to the Gothic kings of Spain.  The family is connected to the kings of Asturias, León and Galicia and includes numerous counts and lords.

The Enciclopedia Heráldica y Genealógica Hispanoamericana, published in 1919 by the García Carraffa brothers, contains an extensive genealogy of the Lara family in volume 48.  In turn, the Enciclopedia refers to a more extensive work, the Historia Genealógica De La Casa De Lara, authored by Luis de Salazar y Castro and published in Madrid in 1696.

We first investigated a possible connection between the Seminario and the Manrique de Lara families through a woman who lived in Piura in the 16th century, Leonor Manrique de Lara.  We later discovered that a connection did not exist.

Recently, we discovered another Manrique de Lara among the Pizarros who may be ancestors of the Seminarios.   She was Catalina Manrique de Lara, who married Rodrigo Pérez de Villalobos early in the 14th century.  I located a mention of her in the Enciclopedia, a copy of which has been placed in her record.   There was one problem, though.  Our source for the tree, Jose Antonio del Busto Duthurburu, identified this person as Catalina Manrique de Lara.  The Enciclopedia, however, listed her as "N. Manrique de Lara". 

To resolve this discrepancy, I referred to the oldest reference, the Historia Genealógica de la Casa de Lara of  1696.  The online version of this book is available at: .  I placed an untranslated excerpt in Catalina's record.  This reference says: "Lady ............... Manrique was the wife of Lord Rodrigo Perez de Villalobos."  The oldest reference does not have her first name.  Yet it identifies her husband's parents as Lope Ruiz de Villalobos and Berenguela de Castañeda, and the couple's child as Lope Rodriguez de Villalobos, all of which matches our knowledge of Pizarro ancestors sufficiently to know that we have the right person.

Both references clearly establish Catalina's connection to the noble Manrique de Lara family.  But what is truly amazing is that if you follow the Enciclopedia back through the generations, it turns out the Laras are descended from the same Gothic kings as the Pizarros.

The tree connecting Manuel Joseph Seminario Saldivar to Catalina Manrique de Lara can be viewed here.  The tree connecting Catalina Manrique de Lara with the kings of Spain can be seen here.


Our research into Catalina Manrique de Lara resulted in a fully documented connection to nobility running through the Pizarros of Spain.  Unfortunately, the Seminarios' connection to the Pizarros of Spain has still not been clearly established because of the doubts about Juan Pizarro of Loja and his wife Maria de la Rua.  For now, the Manrique de Lara status remains "Relationship appears to exist but has not been established with certainty."  We continue to work hard on solving the puzzle of Juan Pizarro of Loja.

Bob Bordier,
Written:  November 11, 2016  Updated:  March 29, 2018