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Recognition of Contributors

04/08/2020 -
Our deep appreciation to Leslie Seminario of Florida, USA who shared the results of her DNA analysis with us, providing a new clue to the nobility of the Seminarios.

02/20/2018 -
Our deep appreciation to Gwendolyn Cunningham of Ellington, CT, USA.  Mrs. Cunningham located and shared a marriage certificate from Piura for Miguel Gerónimo Seminario and Manuela Bascones.  She is a highly dedicated genealogist who in the course of researching her family's genealogy discovered a full set of microfilmed church records for Piura province in Peru, Loja province in Ecuador and Ciudad Real province in Spain. Her knowledge of microfilm records and her skill in locating documents despite a very limited knowledge of Spanish is simply amazing.  Readers of this website know of my deep frustration with the unavailability of online records in Piura.  I had even planned a trip to Piura to beg for access to the diocesan records with no assurance that it would be granted.  Mrs. Cunningham's guidance and example has provided a new avenue for completing our research and perhaps finding answers to many of the unresolved issues in the genealogy of the Seminarios and related families.

08/15/2017 - Our thanks to Alec Pontow Seminario, who sent us the military service record of Miguel Gerónimo Seminario y Jaime de los Rios.  US copyright laws prevent us from displaying the entire record, but do permit an excerpt, which can be seen in our database.

Our thanks to Giancarlo Botero, who pointed out that a large Seminario family tree in PDF format on the Trees page had not been updated with the latest information on the Pizarro lineage.  The PDF has been corrected.

09/09/2016 - Our deep appreciation to Dr. Oswaldo Páez Barrera of Quito, Ecuador.  Dr. Páez Barrera is an architect and university professor who for several years has searched for the evidence to establish the identity of the Juan Pizarro who lived in Loja, Ecuador in the 16th century.  He found evidence of a Juan Pizarro who lived in Loja between 1561 and 1581.  A copy of his email summarizing the evidence can be seen here.  In addition to proving Juan Pizarro's existence, his evidence shows that in the period 1561 to 1565, Juan Pizarro was 21 to 25 years old.  So his evidence points to a date of birth in 1540.

04/22/2016 - Our thanks to Ms. Guadalupe Larrate of the Oficina del Archivo Municipal, Tolosa, Spain, for her reply regarding the grave of Julio Cesáreo Seminario.

04/05/2016 - Our deep appreciation to Dr. Ignacio M. Carrión Arregui, Professor of History at the Universidad del País Vasco in San Sebastian, Spain.  Dr. Carrión sent us several documents about the Royal Armory of Tolosa in the years around 1645.  These documents helped confirm the identity of Andrés Seminario Gonzaga, Gaspar Seminario Gonzaga, Juan Baptista Seminario, Graciana Gozoaga and several members of the Gandino family.

02/12/2016 - Our thanks to Dr. Maria Juncal Campo Guinea, Director of the Diocesan Archive of Pamplona, for her reply about the absence of a death certificate for Julio Cesáreo Seminario.